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Hundsun Ayers at ConnecTech Asia Summit


ConnecTech Asia 2019, Asia's mega technology event, was officially opened from 18 to 20 June at Marina Bay Sands with a focus on how emerging technologies enabling the rapid financial growth of ASEAN businesses and cities. Among a congregation of 300 thought leaders in the summit, Ms. Angela Carcheska, CEO of Hundsun Ayers, shared how the group is combining its inherent strengths with new technological capabilities to keep up with the sweeping changes.

Guiding the industry in transition

"Despite the focused development of big data, blockchain, smart terminals and mobile internet technologies, the whole industry is still far from reaching cross-platform integration and synergistic adoption," Angela mentioned.

Hence, witnessing market’s increasing demand in various financial services, Hundsun Ayers addresses companies needs by connecting industry verticals so that they could grasp the opportunities in banking and capital markets in time. It has been striving to use technology including Fin-Cloud, AI Robot Xiaojing, Payment Integration Services and Cross-Border KYC to create more innovative services and apply these to more financial services cases.

“With the belief that technology does not exist in a vacuum, Hundsun is focused on providing technology that enables partner financial institutions grow. We look forward to achieving further interconnectivity among partners in China and overseas to deliver a win-win scenario.” Angela added. In other words, global partners do not only benefit from access to Hundsun’s technology knowhow and offerings, but also to market expansion opportunities.

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Relentless Technological Development

Exhibiting at the CommunicAsia zone, Hundsun Ayers has showcased its flagship Cross-Asset Trading Platform powered by proprietary account opening system, front-to-back office management and de-facto standard API & FIX. All these have forged an all-in-one ecosystem enabling easy integration with Ayers global trading system (AyersGTS) and back office system (AyersBOS) to optimize user’s trading experience.

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In the near future, Hundsun Ayers will deploy ample resources and enhance the supporting infrastructure to lay a solid foundation for technological advancement. It will also continue its tradition of technology innovation for the customers, ensuring clients of different fields have access to the best solutions.