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RMB Fixed Income & Currency Conf. 2019


Yesterday’s Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)'s 6th Annual RMB Fixed Income & Currency Conference 2019 marked the beginning of a new evolution in FIC realm which brought together business leaders, technology enablers and investors to deepen the progress of FIC trading.

Featured as one of the key panelists in this high caliber conference, Ms. Angela Carcheska shared that Hundsun Ayers is committed to pull more participants into the HKEX plan, with the strategy to grow a FinTech ecosystem Asia-wide. Angela also highlighted the 3 key factors that drive success in the capital markets: - Access to Information - Scale Efficiencies; and - Trust Hundsun is keen to enable above factors through its technological capability, some examples are as below: - Cloud Execution Platform to establish a common playground for participants - Cross-Border eKYC Service to streamline identity verification - Data Analytics to arrive at critical investment insights To further push this objective, Hundsun will continue to invest in technology; as can be seen in the new R&D center in Shenzhen and the creation of an overseas team well-versed in the DCM market.