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Hundsun Ayers Unveils HA Fin-Hub Financial Routing Platform at 2023 Client Summit


Hong Kong, December 8th - Hundsun Ayers, a leading fintech solutions and services provider, successfully held its 2023 Client Summit at the theme of "Persevering for Innovation and Beyond" at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in Central. Industry leaders and elite professionals from nearly 200 financial organizations and associations in Hong Kong gathered to engage in in-depth discussions on industry trends and strategies in the Hong Kong financial market.

Under the auspices of leaders such as Ms. Kou Katerine, Chairman of Hong Kong Securities Association, Dr. Lu Gonglu, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Mr. Peng Zhenggang, Chairman of Hundsun Ayers, Mr. Cheng Kang, CEO of Fosun Wealth, Mr. Ma Malone, CEO of Saxo Markets (China), Mr. Cai Hua, COO of Fosun Wealth and President of Fosun International Securities, and Mr. Luo Skeet, Executive President of Hundsun Ayers, Hundsun Ayers launched the HA Fin-Hub – a financial routing platform. This platform is designed to facilitate seamless wealth management operations for multiple partners.

HA Fin-Hub is an information synchronization, data-sharing, and efficiently interfacing routing platform, aiming to build a highly flexible and interconnected financial ecosystem. Through technological means, it connects multiple financial product providers, centralizing the management and rapid access to diverse global markets and products. Simultaneously, it collaborates closely with distributors to ensure swift and precise delivery of product information to end investors. This innovative platform provides a more convenient avenue for small and medium-sized clients to explore new business opportunities, reducing onboarding costs. It also enables large clients to better reach end customers and broaden distribution channels.

At the opening of the summit, Ms. Kou emphasized the importance for Hong Kong securities firms to persevere and find their core competitiveness in the current economic environment. Dr. Lu proposed that the future opportunities for Chinese securities firms lie in cross-border transactions and strengthening digital construction, preparing for market improvements.

In his address, Mr. Peng expressed confidence in Hundsun Ayers’ competitions as the only fintech enterprise among the first batch of key enterprise partners introduced by the Hong Kong SAR Government. He affirmed the commitment to providing technical infrastructure for the development of the Hong Kong capital market, enhancing the speed, capacity, and reliability of trading systems in Hong Kong.

During the summit, Mr. Cai presented insights into wealth management, introducing Finloop - a comprehensive financial product shelf catering to the diverse needs of financial institutions. Mr. Luo Haiqing, CEO of HA iTrade, delved into the HA iTrade+ Trading System Solutions and their advantages, shedding light on the pivotal role of technology in brokerage operations. Mr. Chang Holmes, Head of Brokerage and Wealth Management at uSmart, discussed the challenges and solutions in launching U.S. stock options and U.S. stock IPO business for Hong Kong securities firms. Mr. Xia Qing, Deputy General Manager of Gildata, shared the advantages of Gildata, facilitating financial institutions in making better business decisions. Mr. Ma Sean, Head of Saxo Institutional, shared insights into the transformation and opportunities in the brokerage business in Hong Kong, focusing on multi-assets and market positioning, emphasizing cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and unlocking existing potential as new growth points.

This summit brought together the cream of the crop in Hong Kong's financial sector to collectively explore strategic paths towards a future. Hundsun Ayers remains committed to fostering financial technology innovation with perseverance, propelling the industry towards a more prosperous future.