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Hundsun joins the Money20/20 Asia Conference


Angela Carcheska, CEO at Hundsun Ayers Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Hundsun Technologies Inc., was invited to speak at the Money20/20 Asia conference held in Singapore over the period of 19-21, March 2019. With more than 200 institutional clients, Hundsun Ayers specializes in developing trading and execution systems for securities and futures brokerage firms in Hong Kong and abroad.

In the event, Angela discussed two topics:

  • How Hundsun's Financial Platform drives banking and capital markets innovation across China and ASEAN markets.

  • Over a panel discussion with Ping An's OneConnect, Angela also shared the role Hundsun aims to play in modernizing legacy systems and, as a result, forging an effective financial ecosystem platform for financial institutions.

Some highlights from the event:

The Super Connector

At Money20/20, Angela stated that to accelerate technological advancements in finance, Hundsun is investing in emerging technologies to offer innovate capital markets, trading execution, payments and SME lending markets.Furthermore, Hundsun seeks to capitalize on one key strength to create an Asia-wide FinTech ecosystem covering the entire financial services spectrum.

As one of the few technology solutions providers in China that provides a full range of products and services for financial institutions, Hundsun aims to extend that strength and connect ASEAN enterprises with China's market players, enabling global partners to enjoy access not only to technology knowhow, but also to market expansion opportunities.

"Despite the focused development of big data, blockchain, smart terminals and mobile internet technologies, the whole industry is still far from reaching cross-platform integration and synergistic adoption," Angela mentioned. Hence, Hundsun's objective is to connect industry verticals to facilitate seamless transactions and smooth information and capital flows across partners.

Multi-faceted Development with Greater Empowerment

Hundsun strives to use technology to create more innovative services and apply these to more financial services cases. Below is a recap of Angela's presentation on 2 cases where mass data and users meet to create value.

A. Identity and Trust

In the area of identity and trust verification, the lack of reliable data sources and high data collection costs continue to prevent widespread adoption. Hundsun's eKYC solution aims to address these challenges. Its data analysis and risk assessment algorithms help smoothen client risk profiling, enhance risk detection effectiveness, and cut costs significantly.

B. Financial Insights and Artificial Intelligence

A product of Hundsun's GTN business unit, the Financial Insights Robot named Xiaojing uses continuous machine learning processes to go through vast amounts of financial market data to provide valuable and accurate investment insights to institutions and individual investors alike.

In the near future, on top of its current focus of delivering more excellent products and professional services, Hundsun looks forward to achieving further interconnectivity among partners in China and overseas to deliver a win-win scenario, and gearing up its expansion plans to the major financial centers of Asia (Singapore), Europe, and the US.