Hundsun Technologies and its subsidiaries adhere to the philosophy of "make finance easy" by providing various products and solutions for the rapidly developing financial industry.


Ayers was renamed as “Hundsun Ayers Technologies” and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hundsun Technologies. Meanwhile, Hundsun Ayers (Singapore) is formally established to provide comprehensive support to overseas clients.


Hundsun Technologies Inc. (SSE code: 600570) held 58% of the stake, with Shanghai DZH holding 42%, became the two major stakeholders of Ayers, making Ayers one of the major providers of trading system solutions in Hong Kong.


Ayers Singapore and Malaysia branches are established to actively assist clients in expanding their business in the Asia-Pacific region.


Ayers has gained a stronghold in the local financial market and was fully acquired by Shanghai DZH Limited (SSE code: 601519).


Ayers was founded by an innovative technology entrepreneurship team in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing a one-stop global trading solution.