In 2002, Hundsun Ayers founders recognized the lack of a proven one-stop trading solution and worked to integrate a front-to-back office management to optimize user’s trading experience. We are now known throughout the financial trading industry for developing systems and services ahead of technology trends.

Today, Hundsun Ayers is a subsidiary of Hundsun Technologies Inc. (SHA: 600570) with more than 250 institutional clients. Positioned as the forefront of the fintech revolution, Hundsun Ayers has been aspiring to offer a diversified spectrum of technology solutions ranging from trading systems supporting global securities, futures, and options to consolidated account management platforms and offshore custody service solutions. With operations spanning across the Asia-Pacific region, we help our clients strive for sustainable development in a scalable manner through relentless pursuit of innovation and R&D.

Powerful Trading System + Full Spectrum Services

= All-in-One Solution Ecosystem



  • Client-Centric
  • Innovative DNA
  • High Reliability & Creditability
  • Sound Compliance & Regulatory Practices
  • Keep Pace with the Dynamic Economic Landscape


To Exceed Our Clients Expectations with Premier, End-to-End and Innovative Solutions that Help Them to Achieve All Goals with Ease


Make Finance Easy
and Be Your Global Trading Partner


Network Identity Service Provider of eID
Certified Vendor for HKEX Orion Trading Platform
Certified Vendor for HKEX Genium INET Platform and Stocks Options
Independent Software Vendor of HKEX Market Data on OMD-C and OMD-D
HKEX Hosting Services Ecosystem Member
Certified Vendor of HKEX SDNET ASP Service
Certified Vendor of HKEX OMD-C ASP Service
Certified Vendor of SH-HK and SZ-HK Stocks Connect Services
Certified Vendor for Global Exchanges
Certified Vendor for different FIX/API Global Vendors



Hundsun and the subsidiaries join hands to multiply their offerings to “MAKE FINANCE EASY” in a rapidly-changing landscape.


Ayers renamed as “Hundsun Ayers Technologies” and was 100% owned by Hundsun Technologies. Hundsun Singapore subsidiary was set up and fully supported the global clients of the Group.


Hundsun Technologies Inc. (SSE code: 600570) (58%) and Shanghai DZH (42%) became Ayers stake shareholders. Ayers is the major financial trading solutions provider in Hong Kong.


Set up Ayers Singapore and Malaysia office for supporting local clients in Asia Pacific Region.


Ayers has gained a stronghold in the local financial market and was fully acquired by Shanghai DZH Limited (SSE code: 601519).


Ayers was founded to provide one-stop securities trading system by a group of HK local entrepreneurs.